Company Description

STEINBEIS ADVANCED RISK TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE DOO was founded on March 2015 in Kragujevac, Serbia as the Franchisee of Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer (StC), Stuttgart, Germany.

The Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Institute doo Kragujevac is one of more than 1000 Steinbeis units present in 50+ countries in the world.

The Institute is a branch of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute Advanced Risk Technologies and is offering as part of the Steinbeis University Berlin professional certification and degree programs. The aim of these programs is to match the current needs of Industry, Research and Development and Regulators in the areas of Business Administration, Risk Engineering and Management, Safety and IT. 

In addition, the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Institute doo Kragujevac is offering consultancy in different areas by providing local expertise as well as international experts that are part of the Steinbeis network worldwide. The focus of their expertise and the professional education program is:

·         Process of safety in refinery and complex industrial systems

·         Asset/plant and Health/hazard oriented risk management

·        Environmental pollution problem

·        Statistical analysis

·        Scientific computing

·        Cloud computing, grid infrastructure

·        Virtual design and engineering

One major purpose of Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Institute doo Kragujevac is to open, as a local company, the doors for Serbia to participate in the Steinbeis network and to benefit from this knowledge-transfer network between research, politics and industry.

Our main philosophy is to employ only the best among the best experts, using the latest technologies and with the target to become one of the leading institution in the field of interdisciplinary computational and biomedical engineering research as well as software development.